About us

IP GRID is mainly a network of European patent attorneys. It was founded by Oana Boncea, a patent attorney with a wide experience in patent prosecution and trainings. After many years of combining working and teaching, she has decided to set up a company that is streamlined by the grid effect. The grid gives access to a network of professionals, meticulously selected throughout years of courses and trainings on European patent law, from different countries and from various technical fields, that can be expanded or contracted according to the needs. According to Oana: “I am so enthusiastic when I see the dedication and ability to acquire and apply knowledge that some of my former or current students have! Working with them is pure joy. I think it can be seen very easily from the outside, by our customers”…. and this is how IP Grid was born.

Our team

Our team consists of a network of European professional representatives (associates) with various backgrounds and from different countries. Many European patent attorneys may have the knowledge and be available for supplementary work. At the same time, usually, IP companies work with a fixed number of staff, a system that may become too costly when less work than designed for the company’s level is received and overwhelming when too much work is required. IP Grid is an adaptive grid, which uses the right amount of resources at all time. The associates are involved in the projects on a case-by-case basis and based on the specific needs, such that each project has a customized team to work on it, while you never bear the costs of the risks associated with a big team.

Our team

Our services

You are not just a client for us. When we represent you, we look for the best solutions as if we were part of the company.

Think of us as your own IP department or an integer part of your IP team. This is what you will get if you work with us.

For everyone to win, the final objective is a successful product, process or service.

That is why we are near you from idea to product. We can provide IP strategy for a new idea as well as evaluation for investors or we can assist you in finding the right investor. Whatever you need to give life to your success, we will find a solution together.

We know that knowledge is power, but we are not afraid of sharing it with others.

We have already prepared training modules on European patent law for companies from inside and outside Europe or for the European Qualifying Examination, and we are just launching a new program of Advanced Education for IP professionals. More news will follow.